Over 60 Tourist Exhibits: From Engine Room to the Bridge

Admission includes a self-guided audio tour to over 60 locations. Should a guest choose to stop at every location, the tour takes about 3 hours. Guests can choose which locations to visit, therefore the length of the tour depends on the guest. Download the audio tour map, narrated by Midway sailors. The audio tour brings Midway's history to life and adds a personal touch to what it was like living in a floating city at sea for months at a time.

Samples of the Audio Tour:

Life at sea is a world apart.

What was it like in jail at sea.

A bomber pilot shares some memories.

Imagine a steam-filled life in the laundry.

Our popular docents stationed throughout Midway add even more excitement and amazement as they share personal stories and anecdotes of life at sea.

Fast Fact

Each link in the ship's massive anchor chain weighed approximately 130 pounds.


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