Youth Programs Overview

Youth Group Overnight Program

Imagine spending the night on the longest-serving aircraft carrier in Navy history!  Organized youth groups have that opportunity!  Deployment aboard the Midway includes:

  • Eat in the galley & sleep in the enlisted crew berths! 
  • Explore the flight deck under the stars!
  • Learn how to fly in Midway's Flight Academy!
  • Behind the scenes tours & experience Midway Magic!

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Boy Scouts - Aviation Merit Badge

Complete your Aviation Merit Badge requirements aboard the USS Midway Museum in one day.  Get a true, hands on experience! 

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Flying Midshipmen

Each year the USS Midway Museum hosts the Flying Midshipmen Youth Aviation Training Program. Sea Cadets, JROTC Cadets, CAP Cadets, Young Marines, and ROTC Cadets are invited aboard for a Private Pilot Ground School training class. The program includes ground school course, educational materials, test prep for FAA Exam, food, housing aboard the USS Midway, and several off-site outings.

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Fast Fact

During Operation Frostbite in 1946, sailors faced freezing conditions.


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