Speaker's Bureau

We bring the USS Midway to you!

Our Volunteers are ready to tell their stories at your group, organization, or in your classroom!  Hear their stories of service and sacrifice and learn the history of our country in an engaging way! 

"Bring a Veteran to Class" Program
Many Midway volunteers served their country and are eager to share their experience with your class!  Our veterans can tailor their presentation to any grade level and the curriculum needs of any classroom!
Click here to request a speaker today! Email completed form to Peter Kirn at pkirn@midway.org.

Bring a Docent to Your Group or Organization
Learn more about the USS Midway's 47 years of service!  
  • Find out why the Museum now hosts over one million visitors a year!
  • The inside story of the USS Midway's success.
  • Learn how the Midway is becoming a San Diego resource.
  • Discover what lies over the horizon for the USS Midway Museum!

Midway speakers flyer

Click here to download this flyer as a pdf. 

Fast Fact

The USS Midway Museum is the most-visited floating ship museum in the world.


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