WWII Couples Wanted for Feb. 16 at “The Kiss”

Do you know someone who served in WWII and married in the war or shortly after? If so, we’d like to honor them!


On Saturday, Feb. 16 at 10 a.m. we will dedicate “The Kiss” sculpture next to Midway at the Fish Market Restaurant. And we’d like to hold a short ceremony of WWII-era couples renewing their wedding vows! Very short, the couples do not have to stand, and no public speaking!

Please have any special couples who qualifies to contact Carol Eakin at 619 398-8279 or ceakin@midway.org. RSVPs only and seating is limited.

Fast Fact

In 1945, 1 million people could be served by the USS Midway’s electricity generation

Midway Aircraft Carrier Electricity


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