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Midway University, presented by Cox, features a wide range of dynamic learning adventures. 

Programs include:

We offer once-in-a-lifetime learning opportunities, both in a classroom and personal experience context. This is made possible through a unique relationship with Cox.
On March 20, 1945, Barbara Cox, daughter of former Ohio governor and Cox Enterprises founder James M. Cox, christened the USS Midway.  On that day in 1945, Midway and Cox began building an unparalleled legacy of service to country and community.  Today, Cox and the USS Midway Museum work together to serve the community through educational programs attended by nearly 50,000 students and teachers onboard annually.

As part of our partnership, Midway is excited to support Cox’s effort to bridge the digital divide. Cox collaborates with Connect2Compete and Computers 2 SD Kids to help families with children on the National School Lunch Program receive discount Internet service and computers. Learn more


Fast Fact

In 1945, 1 million people could be served by the USS Midway’s electricity generation

Midway Aircraft Carrier Electricity


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