USS Midway Celebrates 100th Anniversary
of the U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier

Legacy of the Past and Promise of the Future

“When word of a crisis breaks out in Washington, it’s no accident that the first question that comes to everyone’s lips is: Where’s the nearest carrier.” – President Bill Clinton, March 12, 1993

Over the past 100 years, the aircraft carrier rose from an experimental curiosity to become the centerpiece of the U.S. Navy’s fleet and the dominant warship on the high seas. Starting with USS Langley (CV-1), America’s first aircraft carrier, commissioned in 1922, the flattop ultimately replaced the battleship during World War II as the unrivaled instrument of sea power.  A century later, the newest class of aircraft carriers led by the USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78), is positioned to lead naval aviation for the next five decades and continue to serve as a critical component of U.S. foreign policy.

Join the USS Midway Museum throughout the year in celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the U.S. Aircraft Carrier with special events, virtual experiences, collectables, and more!

Past and Present Exhibit

Past and Present Museum Exhibit

See a model replica of the first and the newest class of aircraft carriers’ side by side.

Collect them all

Collect them all!

8 souvenir ticket stubs with images of America’s “Guardians of the Sea”

March 20th Celebration

March 20th Anniversary Celebration

First 100 groups receive an exclusive collectable challenge coin. Enjoy commemorative cake while supplies last.

Special Edition - Destination Midway video series

"Building an Aircraft Carrier"

Join host Karl Zingheim, Midway’s Ship Historian to learn what it takes to build an aircraft carrier. Special guests to be announced.

May 27th "Midway" Movie Night

May 27th, "Midway" Movie Night"

Watch the famous film of the Battle of Midway on the flight deck under the stars.

Midway's Centennial Moment Social Posts

Midway's Centennial Moment Social Posts

Follow Midway’s social media channels to learn about fun an incredible facts of Aircraft Carriers throughout the year.