Battle of Midway AR Extreme


Welcome to the Battle of Midway AR Extreme! Join us onboard for an exclusive augmented reality (AR) exhibition designed for families and history lovers of all ages who want to experience the magic of technology through the comfort and safety of their own electronic devices.


Watch a U.S. Navy F4F Wildcat fighter plane best the seemingly unstoppable Japanese A6M Zero in air-to-air combat. Interact with virtual 3D aircraft and ships from the Battle of Midway while hearing the rumbles of WWII aerial bombardment and take in our rich historical narrative.
Come aboard the USS Midway Museum to embrace the legacy of this decisive battle that turned the tide in the Pacific

This experience is made possible by our sponsor Geico Military and is licensed through agreements with CoSpaces EDU and Merge Cube.


Station #1

Pearl Harbor to Midway

Experience Augmented Reality as you enjoy a 3D visual overview of the events leading up to the Battle of Midway and you step into the Pacific Theater and interact with a decryption tool to help Admiral Nimitz.

Station #2

Aircraft of the Pacific

Get up close and examine the aircraft of the Battle of Midway and see the aerial tactics used by both the Japanese and the United States naval forces.

Station #3

Turning The Tides of War

Watch the battle unfold and see how the United States Navy was able to achieve victory, against all odds.


Before you arrive, download the required FREE app by either searching for CoSpaces in your device store, or using the provided store icons below.

Tip: Headphones or earbuds are recommended, but not required, as sea traffic and neighboring AR experiences might create unwanted audio interference or noise disruptions.

While onboard, visit the flight deck and locate the MERGE Cube. Use the available instructions at each station to access the experience using the CoSpaces app.

Tip: Newer iPads and Android Tablets with high-resolution cameras are perfect for this experience.



As a storm of TBD Devastators charged the Japanese carriers June 4th, 1942, taking heavy losses, the SDB Dauntless Dive Bombers lurking above were able to capitalize on their timely sacrifice. Fortuitously approaching just after the commotion of the unsuccessful Torpedo squadrons, they were able to achieve direct hits on carriers Soryu and Kaga. Then finally, Lieutenant Commander Richard Best swooped down from the cluttered skies in an SBD and released a 1000 pound bomb that went crashing through the deck, igniting the Akagi. Three of four Japanese carriers were out of commission.

B5N Kate

The B5N Kate wreaked havoc on Pearl Harbor in 1941 and was the torpedo bomber of the Japanese Imperial Navy. One of the most feared and dangerous aircraft early in the war, the destructive Kate was well known for its accomplishments in the Pacific Theater. Lightweight, due to its limited armor, it was able to carry a powerful torpedo which could cripple enemy carriers. This hard-hitting plane was known for packing a punch, but often became easy prey for enemy fighters during its vulnerable attack run.

TBD Devastator

In 1941, the Navy assigned official nicknames to its aircraft, and the TBD became the “Devastator.” After war broke out towards the end of the year, Devastator squadrons participated in the earliest carrier strikes in the Pacific. Although torpedo crews eagerly expected the more advanced Grumman TBF Avenger, production delays meant that only a single squadron’s worth of the new type was available by the time of the Battle of Midway in June 1942. The carriers Enterprise, Yorktown, and Hornet would fight with their combined forty-one TBDs.

SBD Dauntless

The SBD Dauntless was the Navy’s most effective dive bomber of World War II. It was responsible for more enemy ships sunk in the first half of the war than any other aircraft or ship in the fleet. Although nicknamed “Slow But Deadly” by its pilots, the SBD was a precise dive bomber which used special perforated dive brakes to make slower, controlled dives. The Dauntless is most famous as the aircraft that destroyed four Japanese aircraft carriers at the Battle of Midway on June 4, 1942.

About the Creators:

Teacher at TLC Academy, also instructing online as a San Diego State University lecturer of Learning Design & Technology (LDT), Kevin White has been working with technology to drive learning experiences for over a decade now. While teaching both history and STEM courses including coding and Computer Aided Design (CAD), he jumped at the opportunity to develop an outdoor AR experience with such a dynamic view, at a time when indoor museum experiences and traditional exhibitions might not be as safe and accessible. After spending two summers onboard for the USS Midway Summer Teacher Institute, this development project offered an opportunity to dive deep into WWII history and create something that pushes the boundaries of what our amazing pocket devices can do through augmented reality!

Reggie Estrella, a senior at TLC Academy, teamed up with his teacher of 6 consecutive years to manifest this vision. Both teacher, Kevin White, and student, Reggie Estrella, are uniquely suited for this development project. Reggie possessed a few exceptional skills to enhance his unmatched drive and initiative as a young learner. Taking several consecutive years of STEM, Computer Science and History with Mr. White, it became apparent that his love of both technology and history would soon find their way into his passion for 3D gaming development. Having created several games in Unity, Reggie is a proficient programmer and an exceptional developer, and happens to be responsible for the vast majority of the code running this AR experience.

This Augmented Reality experience is licensed by unique terms and agreements between CoSpaces, MERGE Cube, TLC Academy of San Diego and The USS Midway Museum