GSA Programs

Girl Scouts of America (GSA) are invited onboard through the San Diego Girl Scout District Office; an aviation centered exercise for select Girl Scouts, to participate in the Operation Wing Scout.

Our onboard program is inspired by the Girl Scout of America’s Wing Scout Program, created in the 1940s. The Wing Scout Program was intended for Senior Girl Scouts interested in flying and wanting to serve their country.

This program took on new importance as the United States entered World War II; and, Girl Scouts at this time focused on civic duty as part of their war efforts.

Midway’s Operation Wing Scout aims to carry out the Wing Scout Program’s goal to expand aviation awareness and to provide career opportunity information and inspiration for generations to come.

This program is in partnership with Southwest Airlines.


During this program, the Scouts are led by female leaders through aviation oriented activities onboard. This program includes:

  • Guided tours of the ship and the Flight Deck
  • Access to behind-the-scenes space and locations
  • Exclusive aviation instruction
  • Time at the controls in the exclusive Midway Flight Academy presented by Southwest Airlines on the simulators
  • Question & Answer time with positive female role models
  • Lunch is provided

For information about our GSA Programs, please contact the Youth Programs team at (619) 398-8213 or


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