About the Midway Foundation

The freedoms we all continue to enjoy have been bought and paid-for by those who have stepped-up to serve. They are pillars of freedom and are richly deserving of our gratitude and our support where needed. The Midway Foundation was formed to further the mission and vision of the USS Midway Museum by supporting key military, veteran and law enforcement service organizations and helping to strengthen them as vital pillars in our community.

The Midway Foundation is a registered non-profit (EIN: 51-0571147.)


Through the building of endowed financial assets, support the Vision and Mission of USS Midway Museum by supporting those who protect and defend our freedoms.

Board of Directors

Malin Burnham-MF-Board

Malin Burnham

Roy Bell

Dave Bialis

Ben Clay

Michael Earley

George Gould

Stacy McCarthy

Bob Payne

Patti Roscoe

Tom Sudberry

Bob Swanson


Mac McLaughlin

Dan Beintema

The 2017 grant application period is closed. Look for our 2018 application period to open in August 2018.