Resource Conservation & Sustainability

The Midway was built with a mission: to protect our nation and our precious freedoms. Today, we also consider it part of our mission to conserve natural resources. Each year, we review our progress with a directive to improve in any way we can. Here's a look at some of our recent achievements.

Mission: Planet Earth

1,000+Fixtures fitted with low-wattage bulbs*

350,000+Gallons of water saved annually*

116AC units exceeding 90.1% efficiency*

70,000Tons of recycled plastic bottles, cans, metals*

44,500Tons of recycled

70Tons of
recycled glass*

80Recycled plastic
trash containers*


bags sold*

Eco-Friendly network of partnerships

More Details


  • Ship went from T-12’s fluorescent (20w) bulbs to T-8’s LED (9W) bulbs resulting in a 50% energy savings. 45% of the ship is completed.
  • 105 high pressure sodium outside flood lights changed to energy efficient LED's.
  • All new exhibits now use LED’s in the space.


  • 20 active restrooms went from paper towels to hand dryers saving the use of paper towels.
  • Urinal’s in the men’s restrooms changed to water free (40 total). They also provide a streamlined look and full access for cleaning the floor and surfaces.
  • All restrooms use low flush handles.

A/C Units

  • The ship uses water source heat pumps and EarthPure (HFC-410A) zero ozone depletion refrigerant, making it extremely environmentally-friendly, and exceeds ASHRAE 90.1 efficiencies (116 total onboard).

Recycling Tonage

  • Plastic bottles, aluminum cans, beer bottles, liquor bottles, and metals: 70,000 tons.
  • Cardboard: 44,500 tons.
  • Glass (non recyclable) wine bottles etc., sent to recycling yard to keep out of the land fills: 70 tons.


  • Trash compactor on the ship, run by solar and less trips by waste management.
  • Education areas: 20 trash receptacles made of 1086 recycled milk jugs (this is a teaching stop for the educators with the kids).
  • Tour route areas/rest of the ship: 80 recycled plastic containers.

Drinking Fountains

  • The ship has 20 (hydration stations) Drinking Fountains with bottle filler. Features include automatic filter status reset; green ticker; hands-free; laminar flow; real drain; visual filter monitor.


Reusable Bags:
  • Sold 19,493 units of reusable bags, equivalent to saving 1,013,636 plastic grocery bags from landfills annually when used weekly.
  • Each reusable bag purchase contributes significantly to reducing single-use plastic waste and promoting sustainable shopping habits among our customers.
Reusable Water Bottles:
  • Sold 2,718 reusable water bottles, effectively replacing single-use plastic bottles.
  • This initiative not only reduces plastic waste but also encourages hydration through sustainable alternatives, promoting a healthier lifestyle and environment.
Green Toy Sales:
  • Sales of green toys resulted in the saving of 1,648 milk jugs from oceans and landfills.
  • By offering eco-friendly toy options, we actively contribute to reducing plastic pollution and promoting a circular economy, ensuring resources are reused and recycled effectively.
Vendor Sustainability Engagement:
  • 3% of our annual sales were sourced from vendors participating in 1% for the Planet give-back programs or certified B-Corp companies.
  • By partnering with environmentally responsible vendors, we support initiatives that give back to the planet and adhere to rigorous sustainability standards, aligning our business with ethical and eco-conscious practices.


  • Ship uses LOW VOC paints / and holds Contractors painting to use the same

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