Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are key to making the USS Midway Museum the most visited naval museum in the world and Trip Advisor's #1 “Thing to Do” in San Diego. Welcoming more than a million visitors a year, volunteers offer each one an unforgettable experience.

Individual Volunteer

Midway volunteers power our "Midway Magic." They make up a dynamic crew that shares the passion of having fun while building a greater sense of community.

Today, our active volunteer roster exceeds 800 men and women who devote more than 21,000 hours each month to various activities on board and in every area of operations, whether behind the scenes or out front with guests.

Prospective volunteers must be 18 years of age and commit to a weekly or monthly commitment for at least six (6) months. Please note: the following list is subject to change.

Active Duty Personnel: The individual volunteer application is only for those ready and able to commit six (6) months. Group projects are ideal for active duty, as they are a one-day commitment and include a letter of recognition.

Individual Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in volunteering!
Please email us to request an application: volunteering@midway.org

Airwing/ Aircraft Restoration

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Knot Team/Customer Service

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Docent (Tour Guide)

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Education: Youth Overnight Program Support

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Data Entry (Library/Curatorial)

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Ship Restoration

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HAM Radio

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Volunteer Groups

Midway welcomes groups of 10-20 to come aboard for group volunteer projects. From military, corporate, social, educational, and other organizations, we invite you to participate in a one-time project on board. These projects will give your team the opportunity to spend time aboard, learn about the history of Midway, and help keep our ship clean for museum guests.

Join in the spirit of service to inspire future generations!

Please note that group projects last approximately three (3) hours, and early mornings are preferred. Advance arrangements are required. Following the project, participants may tour the museum at their own pace. For more information, email our Volunteer Department at volunteering@midway.org or call us at (619) 398-8289.

Volunteering FAQs

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