Inside Midway’s New CIC Exhibit

Hi everyone! I’m back to tell you about the USS Midway’s NEW, much anticipated, Combat Information Center (CIC)!

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Now, without further adieu…

Combat Information Center

Seven years in the making, our newest exhibit is now open to the public: the Midway’s Combat Information Center (CIC)!

Located not far behind the Forecastle, one level above the Battle of Midway Theatre, our CIC is actually six rooms: Surface Detection & Tracking/Display & Decision, Electronic Warfare, Air Detection & Tracking, Air Warfare, Carrier Air Traffic Control Center, and Air Operations. CIC is where all of the ship’s sensors, such as radars, electronic surveillance, communications (and even sensor data from other ships and aircraft,) were received, evaluated, and disseminated to help safely navigate the Midway and fight air campaigns. Each one of these rooms required exhaustive cleaning and restorative work before the artistry of bringing retired equipment back to life could even begin.

New Combat Information Center Exhibit at the USS Midway Museum, San Diego, CA.

Throughout the comprehensive CIC tour, our guests are immersed in an authentic environment of sophisticated electronic devices such as two dozen radar sets, each depicting a custom animated sweep of air and surface detections from Operation Desert Storm; the secret realm of Electronic Warfare; a world of coded lights and digital readouts; and a restored air traffic control center rivaling any airport’s. Complimenting the sights and sounds of CIC are specially-trained docents, many with personal experience of working in active duty Combat Information Centers, to provide special insight into how the Midway’s CIC helped the ship and her air wing accomplish their missions.

New Combat Information Center Exhibit at the USS Midway Museum, San Diego, CA.

All of this was accomplished after thousands of hours by dedicated specialists, volunteers, and artisans who crafted a realistic representation of a complex set of rooms from literally nothing: the radar sets all had to be acquired, repaired, and converted for museum use. Each switch and indicator light had to be inspected and replaced, every one of the display panels were painstakingly restored, and all of the furniture was re-upholstered.

Through this culmination of skill and effort, our newest and most exciting addition to the museum tour has reported for duty and will ensure our Midway Magic will continue in the years ahead!

Launch em’… until next time,