January 26, 2023 | Karl’s Korner

Major Military Anniversaries to be Commemorated in 2023

This new year of 2023 heralds a pair of milestone anniversaries for the Korean and Vietnam wars and the golden anniversary of women in naval aviation. This year’s blogs will feature a monthly contribution of stories that will commemorate these special dates. Specifically, Karl’s Korner editions will cover the 70th anniversary of the Korean War armistice that ended the widespread fighting on the peninsula in July 1953. However, serious incidents have continued to plague the two Korean governments since then. 50th anniversary of the end of direct U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War due to the Paris Peace Accords will also be observed to coincide with the museum’s public commemoration ceremonies in March. Women’s involvement in naval aviation will also be celebrated throughout the ensuing year with articles on how women have participated in naval aviation in many surprising ways across the decades. We will also devote an issue to the memories of those who were at Pearl Harbor during the Japanese attack on Dec. 7, 1941, and the lives they led after the Day of Infamy. So, here’s to a dynamic 2023 and bringing important military milestones to life! Launch em’… until next time, Karl

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