February 06, 2016 | Karl’s Korner

The Showdown: Panthers vs. Broncos

This year’s Superbowl 50 features a ruthless match-up between the Panthers and the Broncos! As we place our bets and prepare for our weekend plans... let’s take a look at what might transpire when you match up these two worthy opponents. The Panthers go practically back to the creation of the league and were famous for being real jet-setters in their day. Coach Leroy Grumman’s team is fast in the rush and can hit hard with both their bomb passes, and run-and-shoot offense. But, they are not as nimble in the secondary as other teams in their conference. The Broncos are an expansion team from the late 1960s and still carry a swanky, but slower, approach to the game. Co-coaches Wil Rockwell and Dutch Kindleberger have molded a team that may not be as crushing on offense, but the Broncos have staying power and a favored special team. Their quarterback, “Wing” Marine, has a knack for reading the field and calling up the big guns. Simply said, it will be an interesting match-up between the old-school, head-down kind of play and a looser, more specialized, down in the grass style. I know who I would put my money on, how about you? Leave me a comment below! Launch ‘em... until next time - Karl

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