Online Educational Resources for Teachers

The Midway Institute’s staff has compiled a selection of resources derived from our past seminars and from the ongoing work of Institute faculty and participating teachers. This is a dynamic collection of resources.

Educational Videos

Flight Deck Operations Aboard The USS Midway

Join Rudy aboard the USS Midway Museum as he explains the workings of the flight deck from launching aircraft from the bow to recovering them at the stern. Rudy explains every aspect of the flight deck crew’s delicate ballet as they work at some of the most dangerous jobs in the world.

USS Midway, A City at Sea (Support Services)

Young sailors went to sea aboard the USS Midway for six to ten months at a time. How did the ship provide for their comfort and welfare during these long voyages? Join Rudy as he explores the City at Sea that met the needs of its crew with everything from the day-to-day necessities like laundry services to soft ice cream and the latest movies.

Daily Life Aboard The USS Midway (Berthing & Feeding)

The two most-asked questions by visitors aboard the USS Midway are “Where did they sleep?” and “What did they eat?” Join Rudy as he looks at living conditions aboard the carrier for the 4,500 young men who served aboard. He’ll take you from the Admiral’s quarters to the berth of the lowest seaman, then from a galley preparing 2,500 solid meals four times a day, to the Captain’s pantry where a chef prepares meals for one.

Cold War, Korea & Vietnam Lesson Plans

World War II In The Pacific Lesson Plans

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