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The USS Midway Library is a non-lending research library that supports the mission of the museum. 

Its goals are:

  • To be a repository for resources that will help to preserve global and national naval aviation and naval history.
  • To provide support for staff research projects within the museum.
  • To provide a resource for the San Diego community.


The library is open to staff and volunteers of the Museum, former crewmen of the Midway, members at the Circle Level, and researchers. Hours are usually 7 days a week from 8 am – 4 pm. It is always best to call first, (619) 398-8275. The library can also be reached by email at

Our collection includes a collection of over 10,000 items. The major holdings are in naval aviation, aircraft carriers, and World War II in the Pacific. The library has 1,500 cruise books including 600 aircraft carrier cruise books. Click here to access the USS Midway Museum Library Online Catalog sorted by title.

Our Projects

We are combing through muster rolls, cruise books, and newsletters to create a database of the men who served on the USS Midway. Currently, there are approximately 85,000 names on the list, with more added every day.

In a joint project with the U.S. Naval Institute (USNI), we have volunteers reading every article in the Proceedings back to 1874. These volunteers catalog and summarize all important articles from each issue.  The volunteer team compiling summaries for the U.S. Naval Institute (USNI) Proceedings Database cruised into its eighth year of work recently in what appears to be a 10-year project.  The searchable database, which will eventually be accessible via the USS Midway Museum and USNI websites, will provide interested parties with a valuable research tool heretofore unavailable.  Over 10,000 summaries have been completed of a target set of over 13,000 main articles covering the period 1874 to date.  As part of the joint project, USNI has digitized its entire Proceedings collection and it is available on their website.

This space is adjacent to The Battle of Midway Experience and staffed by library volunteers. The Bookstore features a wide range of used books at fair prices. Featured are more than two dozen titles on the Battle of Midway; books on naval history, ships, and aviation, as well as many general interest titles. We also sell unique professional aviation art not found elsewhere, including limited edition posters of Torpedo Squadron 8 and of the USS Midway, as well as other unique aviation art posters. The bookstore sells the “Voices of Midway” video which includes the 14 minute video seen in the Battle of Midway Theater and the 40 minute behind-the-scenes video showing what went into the making of the movie here onboard.

Proceeds from the sale of the books and posters benefit the Research Library (enabling us to buy needed volumes for the library); and proceeds from the sale of the Voices of Midway videos benefit scholarships given by the Education Department to visiting school groups.  The bookstore is usually open 7 days a week from 10 AM – 4 PM.

The Research Library created a Facebook page in June of 2014 in celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the Museum.  Today, the focus of the page is the history of the USS Midway as well as the history of naval aviation and aircraft carriers.  Click here to access our page, and “like” it!

We believe that there were over 325,000 landings (or traps) aboard the USS Midway.  We are keeping a database of every thousandth landing from 1945 to 1992. This information will be used to recreate the ten large brass plaques that used to display those milestones here onboard the ship. There are many gaps in the record (especially in the final years) and this special project is determined to find the missing information regarding pilot names, dates, and aircraft types involved.

Library volunteers sort through our collection of naval aviation and naval history magazines to locate information about the USS Midway. Articles are summarized, indexed, and added to our database.

The library is working to digitize documents on the Midway’s history, including command histories, deck logs, Plan of the Day, menus, cruise books, and over 650 ship and squadron newsletters. This digital archive will eventually be made accessible to the public via the museum’s website.

From commissioning in 1945 to decommissioning in 1992, the USS Midway inspired men to write about her in rhyme. “The Complete Rhymes of the Midway Mariners” book features verses written by the Officer of the Deck in official Deck Logs during the first watch of a new year.

Accompanied throughout by photographs of Midway crew and air wings, the book includes additional verses discovered in the ship’s newsletters and cruise books. All reveal the spirit of the thousands who served during her 42 years of active duty and

contribute to the magic that continues aboard the USS Midway Museum today.

The library volunteers have now published two books “The Complete Rhymes of the Midway Mariners” and “The Ghost and Miss Maddy” which are available in the Battle of Midway bookstore. They are currently working on a new book that will be about the aircraft on display at the USS Midway Museum.

Maddy, an emotional support dog, and her owner, Nancy, have volunteered at the USS Midway Museum for years. Maddy made friends with all the staffers in the library, and now she has made a new special friend. This is their story.

For questions regarding the book please contact the USS Midway Museum Research Library at

The library publishes a semi-monthly internal newsletter about events happening in the library, including stories of visitations by former crew members. This newsletter has become so popular that distribution is now expanded to all staff members, volunteers, and Museum members.

The library manages an Instagram account that highlights our diverse and interesting collection of books, magazines, manuals, and videos.

The Curatorial department (along with the ship’s Engineering Library) is amassing an archive of photographs from the USS Midway’s history. Almost 1000 photos have been put online as a representative sampling of our larger collection.  They can be viewed at the library’s Flickr page:


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