Questions about Overnight Adventures onboard? Please review the frequently asked questions below.
If your question is not answered, contact the Overnights Team at 619-398-8213 or

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of a Snooze Crewz Overnight Adventure?

Snooze Crewz Overnight Adventures and sleepover programs vary in price.

  • Youth Group Overnight 
    • $95 per person
    • Discount offered for San Diego residents, contact the Overnights Team at 619-398-8213 or for discount.
  • Family & Individual Overnight
    • $125 per person
    • $100 per person discount for Active Midway Museum Members
    • For groups of 10 or more please contact for booking.
  • First Responders and Military Overnight
    • $75 per person
    • Please note, this is an exclusive overnight offered to first responders, military and their families only.
  • Family Fun Friday Overnight
    • $ 50 per person
    • Please note, this is modified program and does not include dinner.
  • Movie Night Sleepovers 
    • $50 per person
    • Please note, this is a modified program and does not include dinner.

For other questions regarding prices, discounts, or special requests, please contact our Overnights Team at (619) 398-8213  or email

What is the minimum age to participate in an Overnight Adventure?

Guests as young as 4 years old depending on the Overnight program are welcome to participate.

How much is the Overnight Adventure deposit?

For Youth Group Overnights, there is a deposit of $250 for the reservation. This is a non-refundable deposit that must be made within 30 days of booking your reservation.

Spaces to attend the Family & Individual Overnights, Family Fun Fridays and Movie Night Sleepover must all be paid in full at the time of reservation.

What is your cancellation policy?

Youth Groups may decrease their reservation headcount up to 30 days prior to their Overnight Adventure date.

Additional individuals may be added to the reservation up to 2 weeks before the Overnight Adventure date, subject to space availability.

What are the arrival and departure times?

For the Youth Group Overnight and Family & Individual Overnight, check-in and registration begin on the pier at 4:30 pm on the evening of your selected date. We will then come aboard and the program will begin at 5 pm. Late arrivals can be accommodated with advanced notice. The program will conclude at 9:30 am the following morning.

The times listed above do not apply for Family Fun Fridays and Movie Night Sleepovers. For these programs you will be notified of meet time, location, and special instructions in an email prior to your overnight date.

Can participants leave the ship early?

Yes, please let us know when you need/want to leave so that we can coordinate a Safety Staff member to escort you to the pier.

Is parking available on the pier?

Parking is available on Navy Pier, the parking lot is operated by ACE Parking.

The cost to park in this lot for the Overnight Adventure is $10 per vehicle. This rate includes parking from the time of arrival until 10 am the following morning. Additional time parking on the pier is subject to additional payment at the discretion of ACE Parking.

May I take photos during the Overnight Adventure?

Yes, we encourage you to take photos and videos of your adventure onboard!

Please feel free to share anything you capture with us on our social media channels or through email at

Is smoking permitted during the Overnight Adventure?

The USS Midway Museum is a non-smoking facility, this includes electronic cigarettes. No smoking is permitted.

What food or meals are provided?

Midway’s galley will serve standard Navy Fare for Mess Call during your Youth Group or Family & Individual Overnight Adventure. The menu is inspired by actual recipes used when the Midway was in service.

If your Overnight Adventure includes dinner, it will typically include chicken or meatloaf with Navy bean soup, salad and sides. All meals include a beverage.

If your Overnight Adventure includes a hot breakfast, it will typically be scrambled eggs, turkey sausage, fried potatoes, oatmeal, fruit, and a muffin. Breakfast beverages are orange juice, coffee, milk, and hot chocolate.

Please note, the Family Fun Friday Overnight Adventure & the Movie Night Sleepovers do not include dinner. The breakfast provided for the Movie Night Sleepover is a simplified continental breakfast.

What if we have a special diet or food allergy?

With advanced notice, we can provide a cold vegetarian salad for those with vegetarian dietary restrictions.

All food products are nut-free but may have been prepared in an area that has been exposed to nut products.

Participants are welcome to bring their own food. We can provide a refrigerator for storage and a microwave oven for heating.

May we bring food or snacks?

Outside food and snacks are not permitted without advanced notice.

Food and drinks containing sugar are not permitted in the berthing areas at any time.

Is bedding provided?

We provide a bunk and a mattress in the authentic Enlisted Berthing area. Your group/participants are responsible for bringing their own sleeping bag and pillow.

Bedding (sheets, blanket, and pillows) are available with advance notice. There is an additional fee for providing this service.

Are showers available for use?

Showers or rain lockers are not operational onboard. Please plan accordingly.

What should I wear for the Overnight Adventure?

Keep in mind you will be walking, climbing ladders and stairs, stooping and more. Comfortable and warm clothing with closed toed shoes (required) are best for your Overnight Adventure. A jacket or coat is recommended, as the flight deck can be very windy and/or cold at night.

Sandals and flip-flops will not be permitted. Skirts and dresses are not recommended.

Part of a group? Often times groups will get creative and prepare custom tee shirts or matching attire.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of guests I can bring?

For the Youth Group Overnight, we require a minimum of 10 guests.

If you are planning to bring a large group or interested in an exclusive Overnight, please contact the Overnights Team at 619-398-8213 or

When is my final payment due?

For Youth Group Overnight Adventures, final payment is due 30 days before the scheduled Overnight Adventure date.

For the Family & Individual Overnights, Family Fun Fridays, and Movie Night Sleepovers payment in full is required at the time of reservation.


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