Below Deck Exhibits Highlights

Descend into the immersive world of a sea-roving community of thousands.  Climb into the narrow bunks young sailors called their own, see what it takes to prepare more than 14,000 meals a day, visit a floating hospital ward, and descend below the waterline into a massive engine room and the facilities that kept it running. 

Chow Line / Galley

Explore what it takes to feed a small city at sea every day in with our Chow Line and Galley displays below decks.

Midway Chapel

Learn about how the spiritual needs from the many faiths represented by the Midway’s crew were addressed by visiting the Midway’s Chapel.


Examine how the Midway’s officers dined and socialized in our Wardroom exhibit, including a special silver service set display, and the informal “Dirty Shirt” Wardroom frequented by the pilots.

Sick Bay / Dental

See how the health needs of the Midway’s crew were met, from surgery to routine dental checkups in our Sick Bay and Dental exhibits.


Delve several decks into the Midway to explore our restored Engine Room and Main Engine Control. Learn what it was like to work in the extraordinary conditions of a steam engine room powering an aircraft carrier.


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