Flight Deck Exhibits Highlights

Walk up and touch the fighters, bombers, and helicopters that took naval aviation into the jet age. Find out first hand what it takes to take off and land on the world’s most compact airport. Beneath the bustle of the Flight Deck, discover how the Midway’s admiral fought Operation Desert Storm in his high tech command center, examine the global radio communications complex, and sample the amenities of the Captain’s Inport Cabin.

Midway Airwing

The Midway’s Flight Deck features 26 skillfully restored carrier aircraft, including jet fighters, attack aircraft, helicopters, and specialist designs.

Meatball Exhibit

In addition to a restored Fresnel Lens Optical Landing System, the exhibit includes an interactive display explaining how this special light rig helps pilots land aboard the Midway.

Pilot Ready Rooms

The Midway offers seven pilot ready rooms, each sponsored and exhibited by dedicated volunteer organizations to bring you inside the special world of carrier aviation.

Ship's Island / Bridge

Up in the Midway’s Island superstructure you can explore the Island/Bridge, where the carrier is steered and where the Captain oversees flight operations.

Captain's and Admirals Country

Step just below the Flight Deck to examine where the admiral lived and the command center where Operation Desert Storm was orchestrated. See the complex Radio message center and where the Midway’s captain entertained dignitaries in his Inport Cabin.


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