2022 Honorees

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Past Honorees

Since 2007, the Midway American Patriot Award has been awarded to an individual or individuals who exemplify the finest of American ideals, recognizing individual acts as well as cumulative lifetime achievements. Thank you to all of our past honorees, and those to come.



The Midway American Patriot Award for 2021 was presented to James Kennedy, son of Barbara Cox who christened the USS Midway in 1945, as well as two former commanding officers of the USS Midway, Rear Adm. Lawrence Chambers, USN (Ret.) and Rear Adm. Riley Mixson, USN (Ret.).


In 2019, the award was presented to two of TOPGUN’s most-accomplished graduates Admiral James A. Winnefeld, Jr., USN (Ret.) and Vice Admiral Walter E. Carter, Jr., USN (Ret.).


Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and CAPT Mark Kelly, USN (Ret.) accepted the award for their service and sacrifices to the community and country.


The Award was dedicated to Naval Aviator Vietnam prisoners of war and was accepted by Will Abbott, Jack Ensch, Ev Southwick, and Bill Stark.


The Award was presented to Senators Bob and Elizabeth Dole for their ‘Legacy of Service.’


The Award was accepted on behalf of the Greatest Generation, and all WWII Veterans, by Stuart Hedley and Lincoln Ward, who collectively served from the first day to the last day of WWII – from Pearl Harbor to VJ Day.


The Award was dedicated to the surviving heroes of the Battle of Midway of which our ship was named. Honorees representing so many included: Jeff Blackman, Elton Frazier, Rudy Matz, Edward McKenna, Andy Mills, Charles Monroe M.D., and Ervin Wendt.


Mr. Malin Burnham accepted the Award for his lifetime achievements in the local San Diego area.


The award was presented to two distinguished Marine Corps veterans, former California Governor, Senator, and San Diego Mayor Pete Wilson; and Baseball Hall of Fame Sportscaster Jerry Coleman in honor of the Centennial of Marine Corps Aviation.


In keeping with the 100th Centennial of Naval Aviation, two naval aviators, Senator John McCain and Vice Admiral James Stockdale were honored for their sacrifices to our nation.


The award was presented to Lee Iacocca for his patriotism and dedication to the preservation of the Statue of Liberty.


The Astronauts of Mercury, Gemini and Apollo missions were honored for their contribution to the Space Program.


The Award was presented to the living Medal of Honor recipients from World War II.


The first annual Midway American Patriot Award honored the late, legendary performer Bob Hope.


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