To honor the legacy of the USS Midway, our Curatorial team actively seeks USS Midway related items, naval aviation and aircraft carrier related items, and naval history periodicals.

If you have any items that meet the following criteria please contact Midway’s Curator, David Hanson at  

  • USS Midway related artifacts
    • Patches
    • Plaques
    • Newsletters
    • Cruise Books (of USS Midway & all aircraft carriers)
    • Photographs
    • Videos
    • Artwork
  • Naval aviation & aircraft carrier related artifacts
    • Flight gear
    • Uniforms
    • Ship’s artifacts
  • Naval history periodicals
    • Naval aviation books and magazines
    • Videos
    • Other research materials

If you wish to send your donation to the USS Midway Museum, please address the package as so:

ATTN: David Hanson, Curator
USS Midway Museum
910 N. Harbor Drive
San Diego, CA 92101

Donations should include the donor’s name, address, email, phone number, and a list of donated items.

We cannot guarantee that items will be put on display, nor can we accept donations with stipulations. However, all accepted donations are important for research, education and archival purposes.