Community Involvement

Community involvement fosters a sense of belonging and drives positive change, and a robust community partnership is the cornerstone of a thriving society. This partnership brings together various stakeholders such as civic leaders, local businesses, nonprofits, educational institutions, philanthropists, and residents with a common commitment to preserving and enhancing their community.


The USS Midway Museum is proud to be a regional partner and community resource. We are dedicated to community service, just as Midway’s sailors were devoted to service in uniform.

Community Partnership

We work closely with a variety of community events and organizations, including Fleet Week, the U.S. Navy League Holiday, Poinsettia Bowl, San Diego Tourism Authority, San Diego Historical Center, Wings Over Gillespie, Veterans Village, United Veterans Council, Armed Forces YWCA, Marine Corps, USO, Veterans Administration, Naturalization Service, American Freedom Festival, San Diego Military Advisory Committee, and many others.

Community Engagement

At the same time, Midway is proud to offer opportunities for individuals to make meaningful contributions to our community. We have worked very closely with the American Red Cross, Cancer Society, Blood Bank, Food Bank, Humane Society, the “Save the Kiss” community campaign, and others.

Community Philanthropy

Over the years, the museum's success has warranted philanthropic support throughout the community. The USS Midway Foundation's annual Pillars of Freedom Grants program supports veterans, first responders, and active-duty service members and families. Learn more here.

Citizenship Program

In 2015, the USS Midway Museum began a collaboration with the San Diego Community College District to expand the number of community volunteers working in the district’s English as a Second Language (ESL) and citizenship classes. Before the collaboration, the district had four community volunteers in three classes at their Mid-City campus. This collaboration resulted from the October 2015 San Diego Union-Tribune article about our small group of community volunteers. Rudy Shappee, a Midway Museum’s Special Projects Manager, read the article and immediately set about developing a partnership between the museum and the community college district to involve Midway volunteers in this worthy cause.

By the end of the spring 2016 semester, 25 Midway volunteers had been assigned to 10 citizenship classes and four ESL classes, assisting potential citizens at five city campuses. Midway Volunteers were trained and placed in classrooms to tutor both individually or in small groups, where they would assist with citizenship exam preparation, job readiness skills, English communication skills, pronunciation practice, and reading and writing skills.

Flag Service

The USS Midway Museum proudly raises a retirement flag as a complimentary service. This service is provided by volunteers. We do not offer any special ceremonies for flag raising. A certificate of Authenticity is provided, verifying the date the flag was flown and the honoree's details. Please complete the request form to begin the process. The USS Midway Museum has flags available for purchase, or you can bring personal flags on board.

Download the Flag Service Request Form below and follow the instructions for emailing the form to the Events Manager.

Speakers Bureau

Looking for a speaker to educate and inspire your group, organization, or classroom? We are ready to bring the USS Midway to you! Midway volunteers are ready to tell their personal stories of service and sacrifice and share our country's history in an engaging way!

Bring a Veteran to Classroom

This program is designed for the classroom, allowing students to learn more about history and service from veterans firsthand.

Many Midway volunteers served their country and are eager to share their experiences with your class in an informative yet approachable way.

Our veterans can customize their presentation for any grade level and any classroom's curriculum needs.

Bring a Speaker to your Group or Organization

This program is designed for any group or organization that wants to learn more about the USS Midway and the extraordinary adventures and achievements of service at sea in the name of freedom!

Topics include:

  • The inside story of how the USS Midway has become the world’s favorite aircraft carrier.
  • Live the life of a city at sea, with a population of 4,500—the average age was only 19!
  • Discover Midway’s surprises, milestones, & disasters.
  • Step inside the Battle of Midway - the 1942 World War II naval battle that ended in a surprising Allied victory.
  • Relive the greatest humanitarian mission in Navy history when Midway sailors rescued more than 3,000 fleeing refugees off Vietnam.
  • Experience a naval aviator's life at sea, from preparing in ready rooms to landing back aboard Midway at 160 miles per hour!
  • COMING SOON! Marvel at the surprising roles of aircraft carriers, from supplying an American city’s electricity to volcano evacuations to marathon hostage crises.

Our speakers can tailor their presentation to any group and focus on the topics that suit your group’s interests.

For additional questions and comments regarding this program, please send a message to Dick Walker or call (619) 985-8105.

Speaker Request Form

Please complete the following form to request a Speaker for your Group or Organization.

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