Speakers Bureau

Looking for a speaker to educate and inspire your group, organization or classroom? We are ready to bring the USS Midway to you!

Our Volunteers are ready to tell their personal stories of service and sacrifice, or ready to share the history of our country in an engaging way!

Bring a Veteran to Classroom

This program is designed for the classroom to allow students to learn more about history and service first-hand from veterans.

Many Midway volunteers served their country and are eager to share their experience with your class in an informative yet approachable way.

Our veterans can tailor their presentation to any grade level and customize the presentation depending on the curriculum needs of any classroom.

Bring a Speaker to your Group or Organization

This program is designed for any group or organization to learn more about the USS Midway and the history and adventures of life at sea!

Learn more about the USS Midway’s 47 years of service through the following speaking topics:

  • Find out why the Museum now hosts nearly 1.4 million visitors a year and the inside story of Midway’s success
  • Learn about the moving parts of this floating city at sea
  • Learn about Operation Frequent Wind, the evacuation of Saigon
  • Discover Midway’s surprises, milestones & disasters
  • Learn more about the Battle of Midway

Our speakers can tailor their presentation to any group and focus on the topics that suit your groups interests.

For additional questions and comments regarding this program please contact
Dick Walker at dwalker@midway.org or (619) 985-8105.


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