Live Video Series with Karl Zingheim

Meet Karl Zingheim, the Ship Historian of the USS Midway Museum. A San Diego native, Karl graduated from the U. S. Naval Academy in 1986. Following his naval service, he helped establish the Exhibits Department for the USS Midway Museum and now serves as the staff historian. As an early advocate for Midway’s establishment, Karl has been with the Museum for over twenty years – and as a specialist in naval history, has appeared on the History Channel, television series “Dogfights!” and many more documentaries.
Get ready to hear the stories of naval aviation and history first-hand from this bonafide history expert in our new livestream web series entitled, Destination: Midway with Historian, Karl!
Ship Historian Karl Zingheim

Karl Zingheim

Next Episode: The Story of an American Hero

2020/11/11 12:30:00

Join us for the next livestream on May 27 at 12:30 pm PST.

Ship Historian, Karl Zingheim is back at it on May 27 at 12:30 pm PST, with a special episode of Destination Midway
featuring American hero and aviator, Vice Adm. Paul Ilg.

Naval aviation has always been dangerous. During combat, it can be life threatening. In 1965, then Lt. Paul Ilg, an A-4 Skyhawk attack pilot, cheated death, not once but twice on a combat deployment during the Vietnam War on the USS Midway. Surviving a mid-air collision and later being shot down over enemy territory, Ilg’s story is one of amazing courage, superior airmanship, and unrelenting survival skills.

Tune in to hear Ship Historian, Karl host a dynamic discussion with Vice Adm. Ilg! Relive the history and ask your questions during the livestream!

Email us your questions ahead of time so that Karl can answer your question live!

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