City at Sea

Created to supplement the USS Midway Museum’s “City at Sea” and “Daily Life Aboard the Midway” videos, these lessons guide students in the examination of day-to-day life for naval forces aboard a U.S. naval aircraft carrier. Topics include the organization of the fleet, the purpose of aircraft carriers in naval strategy and everyday activities aboard the USS Midway.


The Russian Invasion of Ukraine

In this lesson students will gain a deeper understanding of the historical context from the end of the Cold War to analyze the causes of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Following an examination of international laws and policies, the students themselves make policy recommendations to address the ongoing international crisis.



Students research how the US policy of Vietnamization changed the course of the Vietnam War. The main instructional activities include analyzing a speech by President Richard Nixon and political cartoons that represent a diversity of views.


The Space Race

Students examine Cold War era primary sources to explain the varied motivations of the Soviet Union and the United States in pursuit of competitive advantage in the Space Race. Activities include analyzing photographs and close readings of speeches by Soviet leader Nikita Kruschev and President John F. Kennedy.


Women in Vietnam

After examining artifacts and analyzing primary source readings, students will identify the major roles women contributed to their nations during the Vietnam War. The lesson includes materials drawn from the experiences of American servicewomen, as well as Vietnamese women who supported both North Vietnam and South Vietnam.

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