Due to the critical repair work that is being conducted on the ship’s mast and island superstructure, the docent-led tours of the island will be closed until June of 2024. Please be sure to enjoy our temporary “Island Presentation” on the flight deck to learn about all the functions of the island superstructure and command center.

Guided Island Tour

Enjoy a special tour onboard, led by one of Midway’s world-class volunteer Docents!

An aircraft carrier’s island is the command center for flight deck operations, as well as the ship as a whole. The island is located on the flight deck and rises above all the aircraft aboard ship.

Midway’s guided Island Tour takes you up serpentine ladders through the navigation and flight control sections of the ship.

Expert Midway Docents will lead you through to explain Air Operations, Pri-fly, Navigational chart room, Captain’s Bridge, and Captain’s at sea cabin.

Visitor Tip

Due to tight spaces, this tour has limited capacity. It is recommended to take this tour as early as possible during your visit. Lines for this tour close as early as 3:30 pm on busy days.


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