Hangar Deck

Experience the expanse of a floating Hangar Deck, examine vintage World War II-era aircraft, and learn about Midway’s Carrier Air Wing evolving history.

Hangar Deck Exhibit Highlights

Experience the riveting multimedia Battle of Midway Theater and the Combat Information Center. Inspect expertly restored WWII-era aircraft and explore a special display on Midway's humanitarian rescue off Saigon. Climb into actual aircraft cockpit trainers and live the life of an aviator in our Flight Simulators.

Battle of Midway Exhibit

During your visit, be sure to stop in Midway’s Battle of Midway Theater for the 15-minute immersive film “Voices of Midway.” This film tells the story of one of WWII's most important naval battles, the Battle of Midway, relived through the eyes and voices of the heroes who bravely took part in this historic episode of American history.

Before visiting our holographic theater, you can interpret our interactive displays on the Battle of Midway, including our carefully restored F4F Wildcat fighter and SBD Dauntless dive bomber aircraft.

Battle of Midway exhibit on the hangar deck

The Bird Dog

Our Operation Frequent Wind display encapsulates a unique part of the Midway’s history: her special role in saving refugees as Saigon fell in 1975. Perched directly above this exhibit is an example of the Bird Dog light plane that contained an entire family which made a desperate landing on the Midway’s Flight Deck.

The Engine that Won the War

Unique among our displays, examine the complex inner workings of a World War II era R-2800 Twin Wasp engine, specially arranged to exhibit how its components interacted to produce the horsepower for historical aircraft like the F4U Corsair.

WWII Aircraft

Just missing World War II by one week, the USS Midway went on to become the longest-serving aircraft carrier in the 20th century. As the first in a three-ship class of large carriers to feature an armored flight deck and a powerful air group of 120 planes, the Midway deployed wartime aircraft designs in her early career, such as our F4U Corsair, TBM Avenger, and SNJ Texan utility plane.

Flight Simulators

Live the life of an aviator aboard the USS Midway in our Flight Simulators! Launch off the flight deck, engage the enemy, and return safely to the ship in our Air Combat 360 or Virtual Reality Flight Experience: Screaming Eagles.

Flight simulator exhibit on the USS Midway

Enlisted Sailor’s Bunks

Visit the tight quarters where the crew slept! Lay down in one of the bunks to see what it was like for a true Midway Sailor to sleep under the Midway’s busy Flight Deck. Be sure to watch you head!

Gallery Deck Exhibit Highlights

Explore the world of the carrier aviator with our Squadron Ready Rooms, watch the evolving history of the Midway’s Carrier Air Wing, see the story of naval helicopters, and learn how the pilots and supporting staff lived and worked just inches below the Flight Deck.

Fo'c'sle (Anchor Chain Room)

Head down to Midway's fo’c’sle (Anchor Chain Room), where you can see the large anchor chains of the ship. You can also learn and practice how to tie a variety of knots!

Command Information Center (CIC)

Walk through the Command Information Center (CIC) the tactical center of the ship. While the Captain commands the ship from the bridge, the Admiral commands the task force and strike missions from here.

Carrier Air Group (CAG)

Carrier Air Group spaces detail the every day operations of the Midway Air Wing.

Helicopter History Exhibit

Explore the history of the helicopter and their importance to Naval Aviation then and now.

Squadron Ready Rooms

Stop in one of Midway's Ready Rooms, where naval aviators would conduct pre-flight mission planning, briefing, and post-flight debriefing. Each aircraft squadron was assigned its own ready room.

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