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Let’s be clear: there is no substitute for a real, in-person, all hands on board visit to the Midway. But, for now, here are a few ways to see all the spectacular experiences in store for you.

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Audio Tours

Listen to what it was like to live aboard a floating city at sea.

Choose from two engaging audio experiences for the entire family to enjoy! Midway’s award-winning Audio Tour & Family Audio Tour bring the ship’s history to life.

Our Family Audio Tour is perfect for our Little Skippers! Families can follow Airman Sam Rodriguez as he leads youngsters on an eye-opening and entertaining audio tour to more than 30 locations throughout the aircraft carrier.

Our Audio Tour is great to listen to Midway pilots describe their incredible experiences flying more than 20 different aircraft from the flight deck off of this floating airport. Learn what it was like to drop anchor, sleep in an enlisted sailor’s bunk or fly a WWII aircraft. From the Sick Bay, Galley, Laundry and Engine room hear Midway sailors describe their daily shipboard life in their own words!

Turn your speakers up and click on the numbered sound bites to begin your tour of the USS Midway! Tours are available in 6 languages, simply click on the flag to access your desired language.

More Midway Fun From Home

Midway’s Aircraft Gallery

Explore a unique collection of more than 30 Navy aircraft including jets, propeller planes, and helicopters!

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Karl’s Korner: History Blog

Meet Karl Zingheim, USS Midway’s ship historian and a San Diego State University military professor and specialist in naval history. Karl shares slices of naval history in his blogs that are family friendly and compelling reads for the military history or curious buff.

Read Karl's Korner
Little Skippers: Activities 
for Kids

Learn naval history and all about the USS Midway Museum from Airman Sam Rodriguez. Download activity sheets, recipes, and enjoy the Family Audio Tour for some family fun in the comfort of your home.

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Restoring One of the U.S.’s Biggest Aircraft Carriers

The son of a fisherman, he was an enlisted man who “came up the hawsepipe” to become Chief Warrant Officer aboard Midway. Today, he will tell you to go the engine room — because that’s where the values of responsibility and respect can be found.

Fall of Saigon Survivor Recounts U.S. Navy’s Rescue in Vietnam

As Saigon collapsed around her, Stephanie and her family ran to a rescue helicopter destined for the USS Midway. Stephanie experienced firsthand the chaos and heartbreak of the U.S. evacuation in Vietnam. But what stayed with her to this day is a perspective of how precious freedom truly is. It’s a tale she’s still sharing from the Midway.

U.S. Navy Aviator and Former P.O.W. Tells His Story

The combat missions seemed endless. First, Jack and his co-pilot shot down two North Vietnamese fighter jets only minutes apart. But on his 285th combat mission, he was shot down by the enemy. This former USS Midway aviator’s journey carried him through the depths of pain and humiliation at the “Hanoi Hilton” — and ultimately to triumph, honor, and personal peace.

How 40,000 Dozen U.S. Eggs Saved a Philippine Village

Jim was responsible for all the supplies aboard a floating city of 4,500 voracious young men. From eggs to pens to equipment weighing tons, there isn’t anything that USS Midway supply officer Jim Reily hasn’t seen, ordered, inventoried, and reordered. Rescuing families threatened by a massive volcano eruption in the Philippines reminded him why it mattered.

An Aerial Reconnaissance Chief Talks Operation Linebacker

Ed Murray defied the odds to make sure that Navy aircrews could rely on their 75 planes during combat missions. He regularly worked two 12-hour shifts back to back, prepping jets with parts from half a world away for each day's missions: a life of "eat, sleep, work, repeat." To date, Ed Murray has even logged 7,500 hours as a docent on the Midway. Dedication doesn’t run any deeper.

How A Former U.S. Navy Captain Helped Avoid A Nuclear War

The shortest flight of his career was over in “10 or 15 seconds” — when a botched catapult launch dumped Herb Zoehrer's aircraft into the ocean where he was rescued by Midway crewmembers. His longest flights? Going low and slow, chasing enemy submarines. In the Cuban Missile Crisis, Herb and his fellow airmen stepped up to maintain a fragile peace.

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