We welcome volunteers from all walks of life to join Midway’s Team!

Join us as an individual for an on-going assignment, with various options to choose from or, participate as a group for a one-day project. Volunteer opportunities from Safety to Ship Restoration; there is something for everyone. For a full list of our current openings, please download this PDF.

Are you active duty?

Our group project option is often the most ideal for those still in the service, as it is the most flexible option. Each participant gets a documentation letter at the end of each project.  Projects are supporting our engineering department, usually basic maintenance tasks, keeping our large museum tour route for thousands of daily guests. Group projects do not require a volunteer application.

Otherwise, the application process is for all other assignments. For these, we are looking for a regular monthly commitment, for 6 months.


Minimum six-month time commitment required, adults only.
An on-going volunteer opportunity

Midway volunteers are essential to the everyday operations of the museum and are often the highlight of the ship experience for our visitors!

*Please read the opportunities below, before applying today.

Individual Volunteer
Group Volunteers


A short-term volunteer opportunity

Midway welcomes groups to come aboard for group
volunteer projects. These projects will allow your team to
spend time aboard, learn about the history of Midway,
and help keep our ship clean for the museum guests
coming from all over the world

Please note, group projects last approximately 3 hours, and early mornings are preferred. Advance arrangements
are required. Participants may tour the museum at their own pace following the projects.

For more information, contact our Volunteer Department at (619) 398-8289 or groups@midway.org

Individual Volunteer Opportunities

Position Summary

This position offers a unique opportunity to assist our Guest Services Team in providing a welcoming museum environment for our guests.

  • Provide a friendly welcome and send off for museum guests
  • Help ensure guests familiarity and comfort in using the audio tour device
  • Assist guests with wayfinding
  • Maintain order and upkeep of audio tour devices

Minimum Requirements

All guest services volunteers must have solid interpersonal skills.

  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Physically fit; able to stand for a number of hours at a time
  • Able to commit 16 hours per month (flexible schedule)
  • Prior experience in customer service is preferred but not required

Duties & Commitment

The commitment of one shift per week. Volunteer shifts can be any day of the week.   9:30-1:30 or 1:30-5:30.   Maintain hospitality for museum guests and maintenance of audio tours. If interested in this opportunity, please select “Administration” while filling out the Volunteer Application.

Position Summary

  • Help ensure the safety and enjoyment of guests as they explore Midway
  • Patrol all areas of the ship to serve guest safety needs throughout Midway, as well as at special events and military ceremonies
  • Provide basic first aid for guests and Midway staff (training provided)
  • Respond to all emergency situations, medical or other
  • Monitor the entrance and all exits helping guests – from toddlers to veterans – enter and leave Midway safely
  • Monitor the loading zone and parking areas ensuring the safety of our guests on and around Navy Pier

Minimum Requirements

All Safety Volunteers are required to be familiar with the Safety Team Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Emergency Action Plan, including the locations of the first aid kits and AEDs.

  • Must be 18 years of age or older and computer literate
  • Physically fit; able to climb up and down the ship’s ladders & walk and stand for extended periods of time
  • Able to commit 20 hours per month (flexible schedule)
  • Personal traits of timeliness, reliability, customer service, and diplomacy
  • Ability to remain calm in an emergency
  • Prior experience in customer service, military, nursing, Firefighting, EMT, paramedic, law enforcement is helpful but not required

Duties & Commitment 

A commitment of 20 or more hours per month is required. Safety volunteer shifts can be any day of the week. Typical shifts are 5 hours: 8:30 am – 1:30 pm – or – 12:30 – 5:30 pm. Safety team members are assigned a post at the start of the shift and are expected to assist guests and patrol for potential hazards and respond, as trained, to emergency situations.

Position Summary

We are looking for volunteers who enjoy people! Serve guests at our ‘Knot table’. Midway has a very popular exhibit where guests can acquire a special knotted craft item in exchange for suggested donations that support scholarships. Volunteers man the table, conduct knot demos, knot item production, and/or accept the donations. As of 2022, the team has nearly raised one million dollars to support local students pursuing higher education.

Minimum Requirements

Strong interpersonal skills, and ability to make change when handling money. Willingness to learn knot tying and basic understanding of the museum’s layout and history.


10 hours per month. Morning shifts are 8:30am – 1pm and afternoon shifts are 12:30pm – 5:00pm, Saturday, Sunday, and holidays.

Position Summary

This opportunity involves World War II veterans who share personal stories with Midway guests. Midway visitors are eager to meet veterans with first-hand experience.

Duties & Commitment

Conversational/freestyle discussion; additional visual aids may be used by the guest speaker to enhance their personal stories. Volunteers are asked to participate for one or more 2-hour shifts per month on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays.

Position Summary

Assist youth program team to entertain and educate guests about life aboard Midway. Volunteers are stationed at chat stations to talk about the functions, history, and story of that specific station. This position provides educational support rather than caregiving.

Minimum Requirements

Prospective volunteers must be friendly, articulate, have the ability to climb ship’s ladders, and be at least 18 years of age. Criminal history security check is required.

Training Provided

Museum tour and on-the-job training is provided to become familiar with the ship and its history. Teaching and/or military experience a plus, but not required.

Duties & Commitment

Interact with guests, assist staff with behind-the-scenes tours. Weekend evenings and mornings. At least one event per month, which includes two 5-hour shifts. Evening shifts are 5-10:15 pm, Morning 6 – 10:30 am. Option to spend the night on board in junior officer’s berthing. There are 40 events per year.

Position Summary

This position interfaces with the public and provides a personal touch to Midway’s self-guided audio tour of the museum. Being a docent is probably one of the most rewarding experiences a volunteer can encounter as you witness positive reactions of visitors to informative and personal presentations.

Minimum Requirements

Strong interpersonal skills with a preferred background in public speaking and/or education and with the ability to communicate information clearly and concisely are important qualifications for this position. Personal traits of timeliness, reliability and diplomacy are expected. Prior military service is a plus, but not essential. Prospective volunteers must be at least 18 years of age, able to climb ship’s ladders and stand/walk for periods of up to 4 hours.

Training Provided. A 7-week, 40 plus-hour training curriculum (6 hours each session), using a standardized outline covering all aspects of ship familiarization, exhibits, history and interpersonal skills. After completing classroom study, 20 hours of “on the job” training with a seasoned docent is required before successfully completing a walk-through with a docent leader.

Duties & Commitment

As a docent graduate, you will give brief talks to groups at various locations throughout the ship. All activities are under the direction of the Chief Docent and daily operations are delegated to a Docent of the Watch who makes various daily shift assignments.

After completion of the above requirements and receiving a “yellow hat,” a minimum of 20 hours per month is required. Scheduling is flexible with shifts available 7 days a week; shifts are 4 hours each in the am or pm with occasional frequent opportunities to assist at private evening events.

Position Summary

Assist in maintaining and potentially restoring historic aircraft. Corrosion control (cleaning) is the task at hand for newbies or those without prior experience in restoration or metal work. A rewarding experience! Training in maintenance is provided. Experienced aircraft metal workers, painters, bodyworkers and novices with mechanical aptitude are ideal participants, where additional duties may include: fabrication, installation and repair of aircraft components. All volunteers must complete an initial orientation with the Airwing department. For more info see https://www.midway.org/exhibits-activities/exhibits/aircraft-gallery/

Minimum Requirements

Moderate physical demands. Requires the ability to climb on stands, ladders and aircraft as well as lifting up to 20 pounds.

Training Provided. All volunteers must complete an initial orientation with the Airwing department.

Duties & Commitment

Washing aircraft. May evolve to include fabrication, installation and repair of aircraft components , depending on skill and aptitude.

A commitment of at least 10 hours per month for at least 6 months; Workhours 7– noon on Tuesdays, Fridays, and/or Saturday mornings.

Position Summary

The volunteers are critical members that contribute unique skills and dedication to revitalize, restore and repair various areas of USS MIDWAY in support of the museum’s primary mission of PRESERVATION. Projects focus on transforming ship spaces/compartments from a decommissioned status to fully restored or transformed for the museum’s operational needs. Tasks may include removing old hardware or furniture, polishing brass, and maintaining original equipment, such as ship’s fans. Candidates must be safety conscious and able to follow directions working in a team.

Minimum Requirements

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Physically fit; able to climb up and down the ship’s ladders
  • Able to commit to 20 hours a month (Tuesdays/Thursdays and Saturday mornings only)
  • Prior experience with a variety of tools required
  • Experience in trades is helpful but not required
  • Ideal candidates are former ship electricians, auxiliary enginemen, machinist mates, machinery repairmen, hull technicians, damage control personnel, commercial welders, electricians, or industrial power plant maintainers.

Position Summary

Help create new and restore older exhibits throughout the museum tour route, which may include behind the scenes tour route areas. Candidates must have some prior experience with painting, and preferably some familiarity with oil-based vs water-based paint.

Duties Include

Surface prep (masking, priming, sanding and or fillers), painting and clean up. Projects will be using almost exclusively water-based paints but may be asked to use epoxy or other oil-based paints. PPP will be provided where necessary. Projects may include collaboration with engineering and ships restoration team members. Some training will be provided, but prior experience preferred.

Minimum Requirements

Minimum age is 18. Ability to climb ships ladders and lift 20 pounds. 10 hours per month minimum, weekday mornings. flexible schedule.

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Volunteer Facts

Midway’s Volunteer Knot Tying Team has used 180+ miles of cord since the program began in 2007.

Military experience is not required to be a Midway volunteer. Midway’s culture includes having FUN!

Each month, 750 active volunteers contribute to Midway’s mission in various departments and roles.

Volunteers proudly drive the Midway’s operational success daily, keeping the Midway Magic alive!